Welcome, one and all, to the wonderful world of cooking! Explore to your hearts content the vast wealth of information we have gathered for you!

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Delicious Recipes

We've put together a list of recipes that are meant to fit certain lifestyle needs. Whether you're working with a small budget, or you'd like to gain or lose weight, these recipes consider more than just flavour and flare.

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Ingredient Database

We've assembled a list with helpful information on common ingredients to provide a better understanding of what they add to your food and how you can use them like a pro in your own kitchen.

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Kitchen Basics

Here you can find what we consider to be the most important basic skills that, with practice, will lead to mastery in the kitchen. Skipping out on these skills will only work against you each time you cook.

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When you fall in love with cooking, life becomes better
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About Us

We aren't professional chefs, in fact, we have very little experience cooking in a restaurant. No, we're just a few home chefs who love to cook great food and share it with friends. We also understand from experience how hard it can be to learn how to cook without a recipe. Often, this involves investing our time and money into courses, which can be hard to manage within an already tight schedule or budget. So we decided to test ourselves to create recipes based around various lifestyle needs. Only have 5 ingredients on hand, or $5? Don't worry, we got you. Not sure how to store the food you bought or to meal plan? We'll show you how. Click the link below to find out more about our mission and values.

Our Story
Good food, it makes the world a better place one meal at a time
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