Glanford Greenhouse

Where you can find fresh, organic produce without ever leaving the city!

A Bit About Who We Are

The original Glanford Greenhouse has been at this location since the 1920’s. Our family has been operating this greenhouse since 1960, spanning three generations.


Glanford Greenhouses


We grow vegetables


May through October. Our business hours are 10 am – 6pm daily


3968 Glanford Ave. (Just off Mckenzie Ave., about 1km north of Uptown Mall), Victoria, B.C., Canada


We love to be involved in local food production and provide fresh produce to our community


Our produce is grown pesticide free, using biological control (ie. good bugs eat the bad bugs). Greenhouse vegetables are grown hydroponically in sawdust (soilless)

Where You Can Find Us

If you can’t come to the farm, we’ll come to you! You can also find us at some local markets.